Welcome to The Horse Sanctuary at Stonegate Farm. Registered Canadian charity (charitable number 81699 1442 RR0001) dedicated to saving horses and helping people.

 “People Helping Horses Helping PeopleIt’s a virtuous circle that improves human and equine lives alike. 


2017  Fun  Fair




2017 Fun Fair tickets:


Online Ticket purchases will be confirmed by email.  Your name and attendees will be added to the guest list.  $10 each online, or $15 at the gate.


Through the power of equine experience, children and adults with special needs strengthen muscles, improve balance and coordination, open up to new challenges, lengthen attention spans, and have fun! At-risk women and youth experience empowerment, empathy, and the non-judgemental friendship of a horse.

The horses are rescues or donations, many with challenging backgrounds of neglect and starvation. Many are re-habilitated, re-trained and re-homed. Some work in our therapeutic programs, as riding horses of “liberty” partners. Those who are too old or physically challenged live out their lives in the comfort and safety of our paddocks.

Please explore these pages to find out more about our work, our horses, and our people. We’re always happy to answer questions or host a tour.

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