Paula and Tia – One Year Later

Tia 05032

Tia one year after rescue from near starvation


There are many ways in which I’m NOT like a 4-year-old Thoroughbred: I don’t like to roll in mud, I don’t pin my ears at everyone but my best friend, and I’m not genetically designed for speed. Here’s another way: if you serve me breakfast in bed on a Sunday morning and let me sleep in until 10, I will thank you, roll over, and go back sleep, NOT pace or paw the ground or yell my head off about being trapped indoors.

But that’s because I’m NOT a 4 year-old Thoroughbred. Tia and Paula are. And when I left them inside this morning to digest their breakfast before a training session, they disapproved. The girls are used to training in the evening. Period. Being the only two left in the barn after everyone else went out this morning did not meet with their approval.

Tia 05031

Tia posing for the camera

But that’s ok. Accepting a change in routine is something a good riding horse must learn to do, and horses that are a pleasure to own and ride are what we aim to produce here at Horseplay Sanctuary.

So the girls had to wait, then go to work. They spent half an hour on the lunge line, wearing a bridle and surcingle, learning voice commands and getting used to the bit. Both went nicely after some initial arguments, and we finished on a good note. They even posed for the pictures on this page.

Paula 05032

Paula one year after rescue from near starvation


But they were happiest when I put them outside with their friends, galloping off to join the herd. Like the 4-year-olds they are.

Paula 05031